Pimp This Bum

a new kind of charity

Tim Edwards had been homeless for five years. A long battle with alcohol and depression had dropped him under the I-10 overpass at Highway 6 in Houston, panhandling for money in a perpetual, semi-drunken haze. With the help of your donations and the love and support of PTB fans, he has taken his first gigantic steps toward a new life. Following a life-changing stay at the Sunray Treatment Center in Washington State, he's sober, optimistic and thoroughly enjoying life. He's been reconnected with his long-lost family, made countless new friends, and given hope to thousands. He has an apartment that he pays for. He has a job as an apprentice machinist and he is (strangely) excited about paying taxes. ;)

Tim has also given a face to homelessness around the world, reminding all of us that the Pariahs we pass on the street are real people with real lives, feelings and, in many cases, ambitions. Millions of readers have been touched and shocked to discover, through Tim's example, just how similar the invisible class is to the rest of us. You can reach the founder of this site, Sean Dolan by email, or call PTB by phone: 1-888-663-9994 Special thanks to a local katy dentist for recently providing Tim with free dental care!

treating the problem

PTB set out to aid the most disenfranchised segment of our society: the homeless. We truly believe that, while we won't be 100% successful in eliminating homelessness, we can provide opportunity for many people who want to get off the streets and return to a productive, fulfilling life.

Pimp This Bum is is a complement to the myriad shelters, food banks and other charities that embrace the homeless. As traditional charities welcome the masses and provide them with their greatest basic needs, Pimp This Bum surgically selects individuals, assesses the root causes for their condition, and prescribes a very individual solution to get them back into society.

zero profit

PTB is administrated entirely by volunteers. All donations go directly to assisting the intended recipients.